Suspect caught, apprehended and sentenced!

sad Siberian husky looking out window

Leaking prisoner confined to quarters

A series of foul crimes had been committed in a Pilot Mtn home screen room by dog or dogs unknown. 
Police announced a suspect was finally caught in the act!
Yesterday, a siberian culprit was caught in the act! In fact, said suspect not only peed on chair leg but did it in front of the Sheriff! When Sheriff arrested said suspect in the act, suspect peed on Sheriff’s foot! Judge Rich threw the book at the suspect and sentenced Mukki with house arrest and a restraining order forbidding him to approach within 2 feet of screen room. Sheriff Cris has the suspect in custody at Buena Vista Drive location and under house arrest, limited to back yard.
Suspect is stubbornly refusing to use backyard… a stalemate exists with family and friends of the suspect torn between loyalties.


Siberians want to know, do you love them?

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