Oh! the inhumanity of Quinn!

DH playing computer games, mad at Quinn

Tensions strained between DH & Q!

When Quinn was just shy of 1 year old, he jumped on the bed and landed full force on DH’s kidney. My poor man had to endure the indignity, pain and expense of a lacerated kidney. The first Dr. he saw in Urgent Care was unsympathetic when my husband told him the ‘puppy’ jumped on his back. Maybe, DH should have mentioned the Puppy was an 11 month old siberian husky at full speed leaping and crash-landing all 60 pounds on his back! This, catapulted Quinn to the top of the Damages Scale, not to mention pain and suffering.

A Sad Dog

A Sad and Sorry Quinn

Yesterday, Quinn and DH once again collided: sharp claws met tender husband. Their relationship last night was a chilly. My perky reminders that all could have been worse, at least there was no emergency room trip or major expenses were not received well, either. I join Quinn in the dog house!

If this is how Q starts the week, I can only hope it was the low point and not the first shoe to drop!


Siberians want to know, do you love them?

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