When Tala is bad, she is very bad! And always acts guilty!

Today, we had a guy come by to look at some landscaping work we need done on the property. He came inside to look at some pictures and met the dogs. It was nice, we went back outside and while I were gone, Tala decided to rip up the sofa. How do I know it was Tala? and not one of the others? She was in the basement hiding behind a big cooler! And when I went downstairs to confront her she wouldn’t make eye contact and put her paws over her face!

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The good news? I chose this furniture knowing I would be repairing it eventually. It has square foam cushions which I can replace. I also already bought the material for slip covers… Sad when you have to buy 10 yards of outdoor heavy weight fabric when you buy furniture! SIGH…

This is why you really really need to understand what is involved in owning a husky. If you just want one because they are pretty by a stuffed toy husky!


Siberians want to know, do you love them?

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