Master Mukki

Our dear Mukki, two years and it feels like yesterday. Run the bifröst and play with Tala, we still love you, our big boy!

Mukki left us on Sunday March 29th, 2015. He was our alpha. He was the boss, but a true gentleman. He was also the first to steal my place in bed, he lived by the “you don’t snooze, you lose” creed. He loved to cuddle with R. He also sat with his treats uneaten and let Quinn whine and cry to teach him patience and who’s boss.

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Trail Work Ahead

He wanted to warn us, to help us understand:
Our dog’s eyes might not close after he’s gone.
No, they won’t, I told the doctor,
Mukki needs to see the new trail ahead.

We should have put on his harness
To prepare him for that last run
Hike, hike, run fast when the pearly gate opens
Fly away at the speed of light, don’t look back

Mukki has a lot of work ahead to get ready
Marking and making the new trail
We, his pack, will join him soon, on the Bifröst
Eyes open, we see far ahead to the trail’s first bend

christine joan gasser ©2015


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