Yes, I do spoil my dogs. Yes, they sometimes eat better than we do!

Mukki sits at table in chair before place-setting

Mukki has table manners and is very patient

We got our dogs after our big bruiser of a cat died. Dante was found under a cat in Boston during a blizzard. He was a kitten and Mom was no where to be found. Dante lived a long life and was more dog than cat. Dante survived a lot but he did not survive the bad Chinese catfood scandal.

So, food is more important, I don’t want to lose any more pets to greedy manufacturers. We’ve gone through phases, dogfood, canned, mixed, homemade, raw feeding and now back to a mix of dogfood and raw. I know purists will condemn us but honestly, they can do what they want. We do what we want. Raw was the best solution and the dogs healthy and happy. Our butcher was great, his employees not so much! They would ‘forget’ to order or give our order to a restaurant… we ordered human quality chicken and beef hearts. It was a mess but ultimately, too much of a pain due to unreliability.

I occasionally make treats, they are treats, not meals, certainly not standard but Siberian Huskies live for treats and require treats for training!

Hope you try some and your dogs enjoy them!


Siberians want to know, do you love them?

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