Sell-My-Soul for Salmon Pumpkin Cookies!

The name of these cookies doesn’t come close to describing my dog’s reaction to them!

Salmon Pumpkin Dog Cookies

They will go crazy for these cookies!

My dogs love Blue Buffalo products and I struck an agreement with “Mr. Man-Earning-Paycheck” that we will switch to Blue Buffalo dry food if I make all dog cookies and we buy no more treats! I realized we spend about the same in treats as what Blue Buffalo costs over our current kibble. I reviewed the ingredients in their treats and my first attempt at faux-BB met with an over enthusiastic response! We had twirling, tail wagging, licking of my ankles and urgent begging for one of these cookies!

Sell My Soul for a Salmon Pumpkin Cookie!


  • 1 can pink salmon (red salmon, if you are a millionaire)
  • 1 small can pumpkin (not pie filling)
  • 2 eggs
  • 2-3 cups instant potato flakes (get the generic cheap stuff)
  • 10 vit E soft caps cut in half (a bit messy, include caps, its gelatin)
  • 1 Tablespoon molasses

  1. Into Mixer bowl add salmon, everything included, liquid, skin, bones…
  2. Turn on mixer on low, use batter paddles
  3. Add eggs, shell and all! It gets broken up small and is good calcium!
  4. Add 1 small can solid pack pumpkin.
  5. Keep mixing, stop occasionally to scrape down sides if necessary.
  6. Cut Vitamin E caps into mixture, toss in soft cap, it’s gelatin.
  7. Drizzle a smattering of molasses.
  8. Add the dry instant potatoes, continue mixing -should be consistency of Play-Doh.
  9. Grease a large baking dish, I used coconut oil.
  10. Turn mix into pan and use hands or use piece of waxed paper and smooch flat and into corners.
  11. Use knife or pastry scraper and cut 1 inch squares into dough. Once done they will break apart into cubes.
  12. Bake 300º for about 2 hours or more. Turn off oven and leave inside until cool. You can grab a few pieces at this point but cool thoroughly before giving to dogs (interior is hot!)
  13. Bask in the love 🙂

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