Mighty Quinn

The Mighty Quinn arrived kind of unexpected one morning about 5 am. I suspected his Mom had a bun in her oven. My husband was woken by the two other dogs and went out to investigate. He then woke me thinking Lulu was dying, she was under the bridge whimpering. I asked husband to get the plastic pool in the screen room and all the dog towels. I went out to get the lady in distress.


Lulu settled into the new nest for a while, then she jumped up, yelped and started running around the screen room in the dark. Suddenly, Rich yelped:
“What the…? Something gross just landed on my foot!”
I ran over and picked up the squirmy little bloody puppy! Lulu was not at all interested, she continued running until she dropped her afterbirth on R’s foot and he was totally grossed out. Her mayhem done, Lulu settled back into her nest and I taught her to nurse the little monster, who grew into the double-maker we all know and love!

Rich and Quinn have a colorful history. Rich had his head in the puppy-crate, to see if the puppy’s eyes were open yet, just as Quinn opened his eyes for the first time. He screamed and fell over backwards! (Quinn, not R, although R was very startled.) Six months later, he was big enough to jump on the bed and cause blunt force trauma to Rich’s kidney –a medical ordeal we are not allowed to discuss.

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Quinn can best be summed up by this funny video my husband made, which shows the man is not gaming 24/7. Although, he refuses to edit the grammar at the end… whatevah!


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