Friggin Crazy Dog Pizza!

Rescues come with baggage, abuse or loss. Our dogs were found in the Transylvania Mountains running free. Mukki was deathly ill and on IV for three days, he was emaciated, covered in ticks and dehydrated. Tala has a bullet wound in her side!

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The first few days were us watching them and them watching us! We tried to determine any training. Mukki was definitely a guy’s dog, he sat in the front seat, tried to steal beers and the only word he recognised was “PIZZA” So, I made them a pizza. I already made homemade pizzas for us, so it was a double pizza day!

Dog’s Pizza

  • pizza dough (simpler the better or just use bread dough)
  • liver spread (cook up and run through processor or potato smasher)
  • Brewer’s yeast
  • kibble
  • shredded sharp cheddar cheese

Roll out pizza dough, you can use frozen bread dough… spread with liver and press kibble into dough/liver. Sprinkle with sharp cheddar, doesn’t take much! Bake 400º until dough is golden and cheese melted.

Cool! Slice and yell: “Pizza!” Mukki ran so fast, he slid into the sunroom! They really loved this but Tala has a weight problem so I rarely made it, but I bet Quinn and Lulu would like it!

Enjoy! woof woof


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