Quinn Belly Up and Chilling in the Heat


Quinn Belly Up and Chilling in the Heat

Until the A/C is repaired, Quinn is surviving the best way he can… ice cubes in the water bowl are a nice touch, human thrall!



only tail and hind legs appear under bed.

There are days when Tala just never leaves her sanctuary! Today was one of those days but at 10pm tonight she wanted to play, now an hour later she is under my desk asleep on my feet!

If you were here you could hear her snore. My husband says that he can not decide who snores louder, me or my BFF Tala! And together we are unbearable LOL!

Welcome to our Gulag and Meet our Jailers


This is the Gang of Four:

Two Siberian Huskies Mushing in snow

The Boys in Harness take off as the Girls Watch

It’s a rare treat to mush old-school in North Carolina! The dogs went wild when R unpacked the sled, it must be a genetic memory. Just touching a harness is enough to drive all four crazy. Lulu has very short legs, a result of malnurishment but she has heart and R will usually mush her after the boy’s energy is dialed down. The Diva Tala is just too curvascious to fit into a normal harness but we special ordered one for her. Then we found out, she’d rather wear it for fashion, not mushing LOL.