Oh, the thunder!!! The terror!!!

Mukki had no qualms facing down a 8 foot black racer and ripping its head off but a little thunder and he is trying to crawl into my lap! He forced himself between my legs and shivered while I held him! Poor baby, he is so scared! Quinn tries to comfort Mukki by chewing off his whiskers, which is just frigging odd! But, Quinn is odd. Maybe he is desensitizing him… or maybe he is just crazy

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Mukki was found in the mountains, bone thin and covered in ticks. He was on IV for three days and no one thought he’s make it. I’m guessing he lived through some very frightening storms all alone in the wilderness! He is traumatized during these storms. Quinn tries to calm him but he eventually gives up. Quinn stands in out in the pouring rain, grinning like a madman!


The Air is On!

I just went out into the screen room and said: “Inside, I’m turning on the air.” The dogs jumped up and ran inside, each to a separate air conditioning vent! Who says huskies can’t be trained LOL

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Somewhere in the vents is a hoard of rabies tags….

It is too early for this crap!

quinn eating box

Quinn eating box

Dear Quinn,

When you stop at my office door with a cardboard box in your mouth, wink and wag your tail… wtf, do you think I’m going to do?

No, let you rip it to pieces is not the correct answer.

Ditto, for thinking you are too cute for words, trust me on this -I have the words ready!


then kicks your white-haired, tail-wagging butt!

A Dose of the Mighty Quinn

Since Quinn thinks I’m his Mommy and Lulu the nanny, he feels justified being the spokesman for everything and anything: We want cookies! We want cat! We want attention! Timmy is in the well!

I get this at least three times a day:


only tail and hind legs appear under bed.

There are days when Tala just never leaves her sanctuary! Today was one of those days but at 10pm tonight she wanted to play, now an hour later she is under my desk asleep on my feet!

If you were here you could hear her snore. My husband says that he can not decide who snores louder, me or my BFF Tala! And together we are unbearable LOL!

WTF! Quinn!

Siberian Husky CloseUp

Quinn yelling at me

So, as you see in the movies I post, Quinn likes to talk and bark (he learned barking from his mother) and get his way. In fact, he’s a spoiled little shit.

Yesterday, I was at my computer watching lynda.com movies and learning HTML5… when Quinn walked into my office, followed by Lulu and Mukki. He hopped up on me, with his front paws on my knee. He looked at me, looked at the computer, looked back at me and lifted his paw and smacked me across the face!!!

Then, he walked off followed by the others. I just sat there stunned. There was a red scratch across my chin. I considered following them to see what’s what but decided “Nah!” and went back to work.

We will never know what that was all about but I do know that I was totally frigging innocent!