Oh, the thunder!!! The terror!!!

Mukki had no qualms facing down a 8 foot black racer and ripping its head off but a little thunder and he is trying to crawl into my lap! He forced himself between my legs and shivered while I held him! Poor baby, he is so scared! Quinn tries to comfort Mukki by chewing off his whiskers, which is just frigging odd! But, Quinn is odd. Maybe he is desensitizing him… or maybe he is just crazy

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Mukki was found in the mountains, bone thin and covered in ticks. He was on IV for three days and no one thought he’s make it. I’m guessing he lived through some very frightening storms all alone in the wilderness! He is traumatized during these storms. Quinn tries to calm him but he eventually gives up. Quinn stands in out in the pouring rain, grinning like a madman!