Siberian Husky Rap Song

Siberian Rap Rap

Hanging in the hood
colors black and white
gangsters looking real good
scrapping for a fight…

Big bad boss, my man Mukki
looking sleepy, feeling mellow
go ahead and steal his cookie
gonna end up one sorry fellow

Lurking behind, the Mighty Quinn
he’s got an eye on Mukki’s role
but he’s a viper full of sin
puppy gonna grab that Alpha goal

Queen Tala’s pretty mean
pretty eyes, killer smile, cold heart
you on her turf, crossing her scene
baby, you better run, she gonna fart

Shy and quiet, little lethal Lulu
ice cold. dead cold killer blue eyes
she watching, she watching you you
make that call, write that letter bye bye

This is our crew, this our gang
wearing our colors, walking our walk
outa our way or feel the bang bang
you gonna wish you heard our talk talk


When Tala is bad, she is very bad! And always acts guilty!

Today, we had a guy come by to look at some landscaping work we need done on the property. He came inside to look at some pictures and met the dogs. It was nice, we went back outside and while I were gone, Tala decided to rip up the sofa. How do I know it was Tala? and not one of the others? She was in the basement hiding behind a big cooler! And when I went downstairs to confront her she wouldn’t make eye contact and put her paws over her face!

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The good news? I chose this furniture knowing I would be repairing it eventually. It has square foam cushions which I can replace. I also already bought the material for slip covers… Sad when you have to buy 10 yards of outdoor heavy weight fabric when you buy furniture! SIGH…

This is why you really really need to understand what is involved in owning a husky. If you just want one because they are pretty by a stuffed toy husky!

Oh! the inhumanity of Quinn!

DH playing computer games, mad at Quinn

Tensions strained between DH & Q!

When Quinn was just shy of 1 year old, he jumped on the bed and landed full force on DH’s kidney. My poor man had to endure the indignity, pain and expense of a lacerated kidney. The first Dr. he saw in Urgent Care was unsympathetic when my husband told him the ‘puppy’ jumped on his back. Maybe, DH should have mentioned the Puppy was an 11 month old siberian husky at full speed leaping and crash-landing all 60 pounds on his back! This, catapulted Quinn to the top of the Damages Scale, not to mention pain and suffering.

A Sad Dog

A Sad and Sorry Quinn

Yesterday, Quinn and DH once again collided: sharp claws met tender husband. Their relationship last night was a chilly. My perky reminders that all could have been worse, at least there was no emergency room trip or major expenses were not received well, either. I join Quinn in the dog house!

If this is how Q starts the week, I can only hope it was the low point and not the first shoe to drop!

My dogs need a stupid pill!

They are just too smart, we bought a dog-proof bed cover that worked until today when they figured out how to remove it, so they could destroy the new sheets and mattress AGAIN!!!!!

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These sheets were bought last Saturday and they were nice and comfy. …and soft. Now they are not so nice and the hole in the mattress is deep.

I want to cry but I am too stunned.

Why won’t they believe that we did not hide treasure in the mattress!

It is too early for this crap!

quinn eating box

Quinn eating box

Dear Quinn,

When you stop at my office door with a cardboard box in your mouth, wink and wag your tail… wtf, do you think I’m going to do?

No, let you rip it to pieces is not the correct answer.

Ditto, for thinking you are too cute for words, trust me on this -I have the words ready!


then kicks your white-haired, tail-wagging butt!

WTF! Quinn!

Siberian Husky CloseUp

Quinn yelling at me

So, as you see in the movies I post, Quinn likes to talk and bark (he learned barking from his mother) and get his way. In fact, he’s a spoiled little shit.

Yesterday, I was at my computer watching movies and learning HTML5… when Quinn walked into my office, followed by Lulu and Mukki. He hopped up on me, with his front paws on my knee. He looked at me, looked at the computer, looked back at me and lifted his paw and smacked me across the face!!!

Then, he walked off followed by the others. I just sat there stunned. There was a red scratch across my chin. I considered following them to see what’s what but decided “Nah!” and went back to work.

We will never know what that was all about but I do know that I was totally frigging innocent!