Rain Rain Rain –rest for the dogs!

Okay, a time of forced rest! Rain rain rain! I am not complaining, too many others are in a drought! And I have a lot of inside work!


mukki sleeping

Today is the first day without rain and the ground is saturated. The dogs are all in the screen room sleeping around my feet and I am trying to stop yawning! Yes, dog yawns are contagious!

Mukki has the best seat, Quinn is sleeping on the cat’s bed (he stole), Lulu wants to slleep but can’t stop chewing her toe nails. Tala is inside on the couch… she’s no fool

Yawn! First a few hours of writing!


Girls Just Wanna Have Mud!

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These girls know how to have fun when I tie them to a tree near where I am gardening. I know people freak out about tying dogs outside but I am with them and they are having fun!

Siberians will run away, so it’s either watch me from outside or join me and have a mud facial 😉

The Air is On!

I just went out into the screen room and said: “Inside, I’m turning on the air.” The dogs jumped up and ran inside, each to a separate air conditioning vent! Who says huskies can’t be trained LOL

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Somewhere in the vents is a hoard of rabies tags….

There’s crumb’s in that thar bag!

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The photo is blurry due to me being sleepy, the sun barely risen and the coffee in my other hand -still undrunken. Is there any greater joy for Quinn than taking possession of an empty bag of kibble? I should have filmed this because it was quite a dance with Mukki and Lulu on the side watching. Mukki and Lulu have no interest in crumbs or aromas, they want a mouthful, anything less and they’ll pass. Tala and Quinn can lick an empty bowl until the last molecule is gone!

Slow, frustrating weekend for beasties since we were still angry. I did discover the destroyed bed culprit. While taking a Benadryl-induced nap, Quinn hoped on my bed and tore off the blanket, started digging and barking! Grrrrr!


It is too early for this crap!

quinn eating box

Quinn eating box

Dear Quinn,

When you stop at my office door with a cardboard box in your mouth, wink and wag your tail… wtf, do you think I’m going to do?

No, let you rip it to pieces is not the correct answer.

Ditto, for thinking you are too cute for words, trust me on this -I have the words ready!


then kicks your white-haired, tail-wagging butt!