Hey Foxy Lady, (Lulu) is 92 Years Old!

rc3a4v_vid_revhusen_i_ystad_-_juli_2012I recently watched a Brit video on why foxes make poor pets. It took me no time at all to realize they were describing Lulu to a T and with her short little legs, she even walks like a fox. She might allow us one pat on her head a day but often that is asking for too much. She’ll take food from our hands but runs away as fast as she can. She does hang out with me –in the morning she lies in front of my office door and groans getting up to move out of my way if I try to leave. I’m pretty sure she is there because I often give her a saucer of milk when I make my coffee. But, lately she’s been sleeping late, so my coffee is long gone before she appears in the doorway. Continue reading

Girls Just Wanna Have Mud!

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These girls know how to have fun when I tie them to a tree near where I am gardening. I know people freak out about tying dogs outside but I am with them and they are having fun!

Siberians will run away, so it’s either watch me from outside or join me and have a mud facial 😉

Oh, the thunder!!! The terror!!!

Mukki had no qualms facing down a 8 foot black racer and ripping its head off but a little thunder and he is trying to crawl into my lap! He forced himself between my legs and shivered while I held him! Poor baby, he is so scared! Quinn tries to comfort Mukki by chewing off his whiskers, which is just frigging odd! But, Quinn is odd. Maybe he is desensitizing him… or maybe he is just crazy

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Mukki was found in the mountains, bone thin and covered in ticks. He was on IV for three days and no one thought he’s make it. I’m guessing he lived through some very frightening storms all alone in the wilderness! He is traumatized during these storms. Quinn tries to calm him but he eventually gives up. Quinn stands in out in the pouring rain, grinning like a madman!

Let me outa here!

tala wants out

This is the wonderful, custom wooden boardwalk these spoiled beast have to get into the Gulag out back (100x75ft) because they don’t like getting mud on their precious little feet! And yes, there are stepping stones to the dog house, but only the girls use them… Tala likes to poop on them… sigh!

Actually, the gate is normally not set like this, the run is actually attached to the house and to a doggy door. They have a nice little porch and flagstone patio then the boardwalk… as I said the most spoiled dogs in the world! But, we needed to haul some mulch through their kingdom!

These are the most spoiled dogs in the whole frigging world!!!!!