Siberian Husky Rap Song

Siberian Rap Rap

Hanging in the hood
colors black and white
gangsters looking real good
scrapping for a fight…

Big bad boss, my man Mukki
looking sleepy, feeling mellow
go ahead and steal his cookie
gonna end up one sorry fellow

Lurking behind, the Mighty Quinn
he’s got an eye on Mukki’s role
but he’s a viper full of sin
puppy gonna grab that Alpha goal

Queen Tala’s pretty mean
pretty eyes, killer smile, cold heart
you on her turf, crossing her scene
baby, you better run, she gonna fart

Shy and quiet, little lethal Lulu
ice cold. dead cold killer blue eyes
she watching, she watching you you
make that call, write that letter bye bye

This is our crew, this our gang
wearing our colors, walking our walk
outa our way or feel the bang bang
you gonna wish you heard our talk talk


Some People’s Dogs!

I take being a good owner seriously. I know this breed and they have a 6 foot chain-link fence and a doggy door and a slave nanny (me). But, my neighbors think letting their dogs run free is a privilege. Early this morning, a pit bull pup showed up at the dog’s fence and was greeted with a opera of barking, howling, snarling and screaming. As I stood in the yard sipping my coffee, I imagined the pit bull’s owner complaining about the noise…

I slowly finished my big mug o’ coffee and yelled “go home!” which oddly seems to work on these foot-loose, fancy-free mutts. That it works has gained me the undying admiration of my pack.

I appreciate their admiration but I’d rather people take wiser care of their pets. It is always sad to see one hit and dead on the side of the road. Dogs are no smarter than a toddler about traffic and I am hoping my neighbors did not allow their children to play in traffic.

Regardless of what they say. I see them as careless and lazy.