A Dose of the Mighty Quinn

Since Quinn thinks I’m his Mommy and Lulu the nanny, he feels justified being the spokesman for everything and anything: We want cookies! We want cat! We want attention! Timmy is in the well!

I get this at least three times a day:


Squirrel Catastrophe

Siberian huskies take to mushing like ducks to water but a few commands are more difficult to learn but not impossible. A good command to learn is “On By” which means ignore whatever you see and focus on the trail. This was Tala and Mukki’s second day out and near the end of the movie, they see a squirrel… hint: no humans were damaged in the filming of this catastrophe!

Years later, when Quinn was learning the command, he decided to go skating and pulled the rig with R and Mukki attached into the New River in Fries, Virginia! The air temp was 13 degrees! The lines got tangled in a tree, so it wasn’t worse! But, R was 4 miles from the truck and warmth! Speedometer showed 20+mph the whole way back and R’s clothes were frozen stiff! He was fine and that is due to UnderArmor long underwear and Cabela’s lined one piece outdoor gear!

Friggin Crazy Dog Chef!

Mukki savoring pizza

Mukki savors his pizza

Hey, all! I started a recipe section today, check it out! I started with the first dog recipe I ever made, Crazy Dog Pizza!

When we first got Mukki, it was the word he responded to most dramatically! He is so laid back and well-bhaved, I imagine Mukki was once the roommate of a single guy. Maybe he ran away on a hunting trip or just bolted one day and never got home again!

Anyway, he was crazy for pizza and beer! SO, I decided to make a dog pizza once Friday and a regular for us! It was a fun evening Mukki watched patiently and slowly savored every bite, the only drama was when little Miss Piggy tried to steal his!

Here’s a link to the recipe: Friggin Crazy Dog Pizza! -enjoy!

WTF! Quinn!

Siberian Husky CloseUp

Quinn yelling at me

So, as you see in the movies I post, Quinn likes to talk and bark (he learned barking from his mother) and get his way. In fact, he’s a spoiled little shit.

Yesterday, I was at my computer watching lynda.com movies and learning HTML5… when Quinn walked into my office, followed by Lulu and Mukki. He hopped up on me, with his front paws on my knee. He looked at me, looked at the computer, looked back at me and lifted his paw and smacked me across the face!!!

Then, he walked off followed by the others. I just sat there stunned. There was a red scratch across my chin. I considered following them to see what’s what but decided “Nah!” and went back to work.

We will never know what that was all about but I do know that I was totally frigging innocent!

Welcome to our Gulag and Meet our Jailers


This is the Gang of Four:

Two Siberian Huskies Mushing in snow

The Boys in Harness take off as the Girls Watch

It’s a rare treat to mush old-school in North Carolina! The dogs went wild when R unpacked the sled, it must be a genetic memory. Just touching a harness is enough to drive all four crazy. Lulu has very short legs, a result of malnurishment but she has heart and R will usually mush her after the boy’s energy is dialed down. The Diva Tala is just too curvascious to fit into a normal harness but we special ordered one for her. Then we found out, she’d rather wear it for fashion, not mushing LOL.