Siberian Husky 101


A Dose of the Mighty Quinn

Since Quinn thinks I’m his Mommy and Lulu the nanny, he feels justified being the spokesman for everything and anything: We want cookies! We want cat! We want attention! Timmy is in the well!

I get this at least three times a day:

Squirrel Catastrophe

Siberian huskies take to mushing like ducks to water but a few commands are more difficult to learn but not impossible. A good command to learn is “On By” which means ignore whatever you see and focus on the trail. This was Tala and Mukki’s second day out and near the end of the movie, they see a squirrel… hint: no humans were damaged in the filming of this catastrophe!

Years later, when Quinn was learning the command, he decided to go skating and pulled the rig with R and Mukki attached into the New River in Fries, Virginia! The air temp was 13 degrees! The lines got tangled in a tree, so it wasn’t worse! But, R was 4 miles from the truck and warmth! Speedometer showed 20+mph the whole way back and R’s clothes were frozen stiff! He was fine and that is due to UnderArmor long underwear and Cabela’s lined one piece outdoor gear!