Hey Foxy Lady, (Lulu) is 92 Years Old!

rc3a4v_vid_revhusen_i_ystad_-_juli_2012I recently watched a Brit video on why foxes make poor pets. It took me no time at all to realize they were describing Lulu to a T. She might allow us one pat on her head a day and often that is asking for too much. She’ll take food from our hands but runs away as fast as she can. She does hang out with me –in the morning she lies in front of my office door and groans getting up if I leave. I’m pretty sure she is there because I often give her a saucer of milk when I make my coffee. But, lately she’s been sleeping late, so my coffee is long gone before she appears in the doorway.

img_3429She eventually goes out into the back yard and I watch her from my office window. She loves exploring and digging grave-shaped holes. She’s dug a nice saucer-shaped one under the deck near the doghouse -yes, the dog house has a deck! It’s actually a bridge from the pond that was swept away in a flood and dragged over to the dog house. She loves the dog house and loves it when either Quinn or I chase her into it. That’s the limit of her games, chase into dog house, look out smile and wag tail. She doesn’t like dog toys and if it has a squeaker, it gets shredded, if it has filling it gets pulled out.

img_2473She convinced our late male-alpha, Mukki, that he was the father of her puppy Quinn. Sorry but no, Mukki was neutered (sorry Mukki) and she was pregnant when we started fostering her. But, she meant well. Sadly, Mukki never did figure out why Quinn wasn’t smart, trainable, a good alpha or intelligent. Mukki was ofter seen staring quizzically at Quinn and heard sighing a lot. When Mukki passed on to run in the Bifröst on an eternal mushing adventure, Lulu never forgave us. She spent days, months and years glaring at me from a distance. I still try to bond but after nearly eight years it’s getting through o me that this may never happen.

img_1721She enjoys a walk but not a very long one anymore. Also, catching her for a walk wears me out! She wants to trust me but just can’t. The rescuers and vets who went in and rescued her with 35 of her nearest and dearest friends told us she was 5 years old, kept in a crate and been bred  continuously. Many of the dogs had dead puppies in the crates and more found in a shed. After Quinn turned six weeks, Lulu spent more time with a stuffed squirrel toy in her mouth crying than she did with Quinn. She carried it everywhere crying. It was heartbreaking and this is why Lulu was forgiven for refusing to be trained or sit or give a paw… frankly, my dear –she doesn’t give a damn for our domination games.

100_1953So, this is our life, crazy, wild and energetic Quinn and his skittish fox Mom. I recently did the math using an online dog-age calculator and Lulu is anywhere from 80 to 93 years old.


And a few nights ago I had a dream that felt more than a dream. I was walking around our pool (definitely a dream!) and Lulu was standing at the deep end. She looked at me long and hard and then walked into the water. She slowly sunk and made no effort to swim or save herself. I checked to make sure my iPhone wasn’t in my pocket and I dove in after her… I scooped her up in my arms and cradled her. She was dead. I carried her to the shallow end and just held her. Dream me was catching up on all the snuggle hugs she never let me have. I woke crying. Yes, Lulu is probably 92 and has little time left with us but she’s outlasted the healthier alphas.

My husband thinks the dream is a forewarning but one with a message. She wants to go on her own terms, maybe in her self-dug hole in the yard or under the fan in the screen room. Or maybe it’s all just a dream. I did manage to corner her yesterday and sat with her scratching her head. I could tell she was torn between enjoying it and hating me touching her. Too bad, if she’ll take a cookie, she needs to take a hug.

I would like to have a pool but I’d rather have Lulu a little while longer. I seem to have no choice in either. You might wonder where Lulu got her name. I named her after my great grandmother, Lulu Bastion Teisse Desrosiers. I lived with her for five years, she came here from Tessin in Northern Germany –actually it was Prussia when she left in 1883. I was her little liebchen and she was my Mi’mamma. There was something about Lulu’s fierce loyalty and love for Quinn that made me think Lulu would be the perfect name.

Siberian Husky Rap Song

Siberian Rap Rap

Hanging in the hood
colors black and white
gangsters looking real good
scrapping for a fight…

Big bad boss, my man Mukki
looking sleepy, feeling mellow
go ahead and steal his cookie
gonna end up one sorry fellow

Lurking behind, the Mighty Quinn
he’s got an eye on Mukki’s role
but he’s a viper full of sin
puppy gonna grab that Alpha goal

Queen Tala’s pretty mean
pretty eyes, killer smile, cold heart
you on her turf, crossing her scene
baby, you better run, she gonna fart

Shy and quiet, little lethal Lulu
ice cold. dead cold killer blue eyes
she watching, she watching you you
make that call, write that letter bye bye

This is our crew, this our gang
wearing our colors, walking our walk
outa our way or feel the bang bang
you gonna wish you heard our talk talk

Girls Just Wanna Have Mud!

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These girls know how to have fun when I tie them to a tree near where I am gardening. I know people freak out about tying dogs outside but I am with them and they are having fun!

Siberians will run away, so it’s either watch me from outside or join me and have a mud facial 😉

Let me outa here!

tala wants out

This is the wonderful, custom wooden boardwalk these spoiled beast have to get into the Gulag out back (100x75ft) because they don’t like getting mud on their precious little feet! And yes, there are stepping stones to the dog house, but only the girls use them… Tala likes to poop on them… sigh!

Actually, the gate is normally not set like this, the run is actually attached to the house and to a doggy door. They have a nice little porch and flagstone patio then the boardwalk… as I said the most spoiled dogs in the world! But, we needed to haul some mulch through their kingdom!

These are the most spoiled dogs in the whole frigging world!!!!!

WTF! Quinn!

Siberian Husky CloseUp

Quinn yelling at me

So, as you see in the movies I post, Quinn likes to talk and bark (he learned barking from his mother) and get his way. In fact, he’s a spoiled little shit.

Yesterday, I was at my computer watching lynda.com movies and learning HTML5… when Quinn walked into my office, followed by Lulu and Mukki. He hopped up on me, with his front paws on my knee. He looked at me, looked at the computer, looked back at me and lifted his paw and smacked me across the face!!!

Then, he walked off followed by the others. I just sat there stunned. There was a red scratch across my chin. I considered following them to see what’s what but decided “Nah!” and went back to work.

We will never know what that was all about but I do know that I was totally frigging innocent!

Welcome to our Gulag and Meet our Jailers


This is the Gang of Four:

Two Siberian Huskies Mushing in snow

The Boys in Harness take off as the Girls Watch

It’s a rare treat to mush old-school in North Carolina! The dogs went wild when R unpacked the sled, it must be a genetic memory. Just touching a harness is enough to drive all four crazy. Lulu has very short legs, a result of malnurishment but she has heart and R will usually mush her after the boy’s energy is dialed down. The Diva Tala is just too curvascious to fit into a normal harness but we special ordered one for her. Then we found out, she’d rather wear it for fashion, not mushing LOL.