Rain Rain Rain –rest for the dogs!

Okay, a time of forced rest! Rain rain rain! I am not complaining, too many others are in a drought! And I have a lot of inside work!


mukki sleeping

Today is the first day without rain and the ground is saturated. The dogs are all in the screen room sleeping around my feet and I am trying to stop yawning! Yes, dog yawns are contagious!

Mukki has the best seat, Quinn is sleeping on the cat’s bed (he stole), Lulu wants to slleep but can’t stop chewing her toe nails. Tala is inside on the couch… she’s no fool

Yawn! First a few hours of writing!


only tail and hind legs appear under bed.

There are days when Tala just never leaves her sanctuary! Today was one of those days but at 10pm tonight she wanted to play, now an hour later she is under my desk asleep on my feet!

If you were here you could hear her snore. My husband says that he can not decide who snores louder, me or my BFF Tala! And together we are unbearable LOL!