Sometimes, You Need to Treat Others Gently or –They Won’t Play with You Anymore!


Another hot muggy morning in North Carolina, where we wake to carnage… Quinn keeps coming inside to bark at me. He wants me to fix his new friend who won’t play with him anymore… sigh… If you are considering a Siberian Husky as a pet, can I point out they are ‘Prey Driven’ beasts -like a cat with a mouse, they have a natural instinct that is not protecting your home or defending your virtues. Get used to it or choose another breed. Poor baby o’possum.

And now I know why the little monster picks up mouthfuls of kibble and dribbles it on the boardwalk!

Not everyone in the house is as disappointed as me… well, actually, I’m the only one disappointed. Others say:
“Quinn is a really cool Siberian Cossack Special Forces Assassin!”
“Yeah! Thunderbird is revenge by the mighty Quinn!”
(Thunderbird was my cousin’s favorite chicken, who was eaten by a opossum… circle of life… circle of life.)

Or a “cold blooded murderer of cute adolescent o’possums” –my quote 😦

And let’s not forget Quinn’s very first prey friend, the bottom half of an 8 foot rat snake. We should have name him Genghis Khan!100_3357

I raised him better:


Siberians want to know, do you love them?

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