Where Does a Sibe Hide?

Where is Tala? Is probably something I say more than anything over the past eight years. She loves to hide. When she was young, that included under the beds but as her girth spread, so did her skills at hiding. For a dog that sleeps most of the day and snores really loudly, you’d think finding her would be easy! No, not so much. And she loves to hide. She smiles and tilts her head coquettishly when she is eventually found.

This morning I searched for a half hour and was getting worried. Where can a 75 pound husky hide? I was beginning to suspect her of changing her hiding place as I searched the downstairs, upstairs, screen room, deck and back yard. No doors or gates were open, so I finally got the husband out of the shower to search.
As he dripped and I explained, we walked into the hall and she bounded through the doggy door grinning… well, played Tala -she must have been moving around behind the doghouse as I searched the yard.


Siberians want to know, do you love them?

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