Rare North Carolina Mush in Snow

100_2679Our past year in the Gulag has been a challenge. Nearly a year ago, we lost Mukki our perfectly wonderful alpha. Not a day goes by without missing him and the house was wallowing in grief and loss, mourning him was done by all of us.

IMG_1728In January, I noticed everyone was eating and playing again. The dynamic is different. Quinn sleeps out on the deck and quietly watches the deer approach for corn, no more frenzied prey drive. That doesn’t mean the wildlife is safe, Quinn manages to catch a bird every so often and keeps it with him for weeks (outside!). The girls are more playful and enjoy a nice 1 mile walk with MrTall. He walks all three with a walking belt. Quinn has yet to grasp the fundamentals of walking on a leash and after seven years, we accept his limitations.

IMG_2293Last weekend we were blessed with snow, a pleasant surprise. The forecast was for ice and ice pellets but what we got was just enough for a mush! MrTall decided to take all three, even the girls who usually hate mushing. No, that’s not fair –Tala hates it and Lulu’s poor short legs can’t keep up. MrTall decided to keep his mushing expectations low and be satisfied walking behind the sled. Surprise! They all took off running, even fatty-fat pants Tala! Their return was slow but it was a vast improvement and definitely a sign that the mourning is over. Below I post two videos of real mushing in NC:



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