Quinn and the Black Rat Snake.

One day, as I pulled weeds, I heard a ruckus in the dog’s yard and I saw a huge black snake, he stood four feet high from a coiled ‘foot’ -just like those cartoon cobras! He was surrounded by the four demons from hell, the pack. What happened next was a bit of Animal Planet.

I screamed “No!” and ran towards the scene, I had this crazy idea that if I was fast enough I could grab it just under the head with one hand and scoop him up with the other. They were about five feet from the chain link fence and I was planning to toss him over into the woods.

Yes, I am a bit of a moron. No, I did not run fast enough… never in my life have I ever been able to run fast. As I got close, I saw the hunter’s genetic memory take over my Siberians. The two girls took a step forward, which made the snake turn towards them and in a flash, at lightning speed, Mukki took the snake’s head off.

They all then settled down for a snake picnic, as I dumbly muttered: “But,… but!”

They ate half and Quinn who was only a few months old, carried the remaining bit around for weeks. He slept with it and rolled in it… The dogs camped outside by mutual agreement with me for those weeks, as they do when they catch and kill somebody, although it’s usually a possum or raccoon or rabbit or squirrel or bird or -well, enough of that. A typical day for Siberian huskies, the genetic memory is strong.

Quinn and the remaining four feet of the eight foot black snake.100_3357


Siberians want to know, do you love them?

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