A Farewell Poem for Mukki

Trail Work Ahead


He wanted to warn us, to let us know
That Mukki’s eyes might stay open when he’s dead
Good, they should, he has a long way to go
My Mukki needs to see the new trail ahead

We should have put on his harness and racing number
To ready him for that last race, free from the man’s sled
Hike – hike! Run fast when the gate opens –do not slumber
Fly away at the speed of light, flee fast and far from the dead

Mukki will work hard to ready the new trail
Across the Bifröst to run all day and transcend
His pack will join him soon, where he’s wagging his tail
Eyes open, he sees far ahead to the trail’s first bend

christine joan gasser ©2015


Siberians want to know, do you love them?

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