Dirty Little Lulu

We have a broken pond which is loads of fun and good times for the pups. I use 25′ tie out cables and connect gently to a tree and the dogs jump into the mud and dig and play and eat crawfish… really wears them out!

2 siberian huskies playing in mud

the girls are listening for the sounds of crawfish in the mud

Today they played while we blew leaves off the driveway. For a while I sat with them and laughed. Lulu is the water baby, I think the five years she spent in a crate probably made her respect water for the good times to be had. She is the only one to dip her head completely under water and happily dig deep holes in the mud.

dirty face on siberian husky

Pretty in her mud masque

Even hours later she is still wet and dirty but very happy!

a muddy siberian husky

So dirty! Lulu almost looks guilty.


Siberians want to know, do you love them?

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