Good News!

The Vet called and Mukki’s lab tests were back -his ear tumor was a basal cell tumor but benign and completely excised! So not cancerous and all gone! He does now have a nasty scab, which he knocks off frequently but all is healing well.
The immune system is a lovely thing, nature can heal almost anything, if left alone and we are healthy. So, it might make us feel better to see a fancy bandage and applying fancy ointments, the natural way is the way I go.
His eye tumor was a benign growth common to Arctic breeds and is almost completely healed -he is bothering it a bit and I need to stop the bleeding but its all healed inside, so the skin healing, which is last stage of healing is itchy and he’s bothering it. Vet is not concerned.


3 thoughts on “Good News!

  1. We just had to euthanize our Husky last week. He was somewhere between 16 and 20 years old. We don’t know for sure. We found him on the side of the road 12 years ago. He had been shot in the butt. One vet at the time said he was 11 years old (which wuiold make him 23 now), and another said he was 5. So anyway, he was OLD. And he was the best dog we have ever had. Loyal as the day is long, and I have never trusted any dog around small children more than Scruffy Van Bullet. He LOVED babies and toddlers. Right up until the end, he would lick them all over, and yip at them, and wag his tail like mad….He was a good old dog.

    • Christine, I bitch and moan about my dogs but they are pretty special. I am so sorry about Scruffy Van Bullet! Tala has a bullet wound in her side, she gets cranky in rainy weather and her metabolism sux… all of mine were adopted and abused -all except Quinn, his mother was rescued from a cage, she had been bred for 5 years straight! She weighed only 25 pounds! She was a week pregnant when they confiscated her and then came Quinn… my little shit splat. Now she is a healthy 55 and very apologetic about giving birth to the spawn of hell!

      I know your loss hurts but feel free to visit my Gulag any time! Husky owners like to think of their dogs crossing the rainbow bridge and running free in Valhalla! Here is a illustration I did for a sibe rainbow page, I hope it gives you some comfort! SSR Rainbowbridge

      • Awe….that made me cry! I know Bullet is happily chatting it up with other huskies wherever he is. He was the talkingest dang dog, ever. I miss talking to him. My great Dane just stares at us, all dumbfounded, and our blood hound, well he howls a lot and is kind of a turd!

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