Mukki’s Special ‘Heal Me Quick’ Stew

Mukki had surgery last week to remove a tumor from his ear and an infected gland under his eye. We haven’t received the histology report yet but we have our finger’s crossed. For now, we need to get that ear healed!

poor Mukki's ear

poor Mukki’s ear

Mukki did not handle the Elizebethan collar well until he figured out it made an excellent battering ram and followed me around demonstrating his prowess! Then he removed his stitches. The vet and I are proponents of natural wound healing -wish basically means a scar but wtf…

one sweet potato

one cubed sweet potato

I made my big boy a nice pot of Heal Me Quick stew!

Heal Me Quick Stew

Heal Me Quick Stew

Mukki is actually licking his bowl, he’s usually a picky eater!


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