Sometimes Blue is not Sad!

blue buffalo logoToday, the $5 coupon for Blue Buffalo came in the mail, so looks like we are buying dog food. The coupon actually lists the two closest stores to buy dog food. I wasn’t aware the Farm and Tractor Supply store was Originally, I was only going to feed fatty-patty Tala but DH is onboard with everyone going Blue Buffalo! As long as I promise, to buy no more dog toys and to make all dog treats. We have a deal!

I need to make more dog cookies today, we are out and while I made coffee this morning Quinn stood on his hind legs and nosed the empty dog food jar. It’s clear glass, so there in no getting anything past my little detective. I missed another camera-ready opportunity when I opened the envelope from Blue Buffalo and announced the arrival of the coupon. Mukki spun around in a circle as excited as a circus dog! (I wonder what he really thought I was saying?)

I was reading an article on buckwheat flour and buckwheat groats today and it isn’t a grain at all but a fruit seed related to rhubarb. I also found a great recipe for buckwheat dog cookies on another web site, Cupcakes and Kale –which we’ll try today!


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