We strike a deal for Blue Buffalo!

My dogs were happier and healthier when we raw fed them. Our source became unreliable and it became a real PIA. We eventually, switched to a high quality kibble, not a chi-chi Veterinarian approved kibble (you now the ones…) But, a good high protein kibble made in the USA, namely Purina One. Recently, Quinn’s been itchy and whining and scratching. I’ve been resorting to add-ins to keep everyone eating… Tala’s weight has stabilized but she is still 15 pounds overweight, which is like 45 pounds over, for a human!

I decided to look at some of the high end all natural kibbles. No matter where I looked, I kept coming back to Blue Buffalo, which is what they used to eat before we went raw. It’s a good $15 more a bag, but then I quickly added up all the add-ins I put in their kibble and dog treats. I realized, that stopping the add-ins and making my own dog treats, I would actually save money! Mr. Money-bags agreed. So, next kibble purchase will be Blue Buffalo!

Why Blue Buffalo? Well, I’d say the ingredients for one reason and the testimonials for another! Check out their web site: Blue Buffalo they also have a page to sign up for coupons.

Check out their TV commercials online too, they are beautiful, it’s lovely watching dogs in their optimal condition running and playing! Nice wolves too!

Today, I made the first batch of no-grain all natural dog treats. I highly recommend Blue Buffalo dog treats but with 4 Siberian Huskies who are cookie-crazy, I could never afford it! I looked over their ingredients and created recipe of my own. My priorities in a dog cookie recipe are taste and convenience, natural ingredients are a given.

Salmon Pumpkin Dog Cookies

They will go crazy for these cookies!

Check out the Sell My Soul for a Salmon Pumpkin Cookie recipe. It is real easy, takes minimal ingredients and the dogs are crazy about them. They watched me make them, took nibbles of the uncooked dough and gave me two paws up! They slept in the kitchen in front of the stove while they baked… They knew what was up! When I took them out of the oven to cool, I had to put four into the freezer to quickly cool down, so they didn’t go mad waiting!

Result? They cost 25% of what you’d pay for Blue Buffalo’s treats. The Gulag is crazy for these cookies and they are all in love with the cook again. Tala and Mukki, my original alphas are under the desk. Mukki has his paw on my foot and Tala is using my other foot as a pillow! Quinn is in the kitchen guarding the cookie jar with his Mom, Lulu!

Life is good when dogs are happy!


2 thoughts on “We strike a deal for Blue Buffalo!

  1. While I think its fantastic that you have done your research, I do wonder if you can find more meat sources. I managed to luck our with musher blocks of beef doe .60/lb, and i get my ground chicken for under $1/lb.
    I do hear good things about blue buffalo, thats for a kibble, it is a good one! That is what I would chose for my dogs if I had to take them off of raw.
    If there is any way I can help you find a raw dog food supplier please let me know! Im all about doing what I can to help.

    • Thank you Amanda, I appreeciate your offer to help. I have a degree in biology and I am more than perfectly comfortable with Blue Buffalo’s Wilderness line –which is inspired by the diet of wolves. Salmon specifically provides the high fat content a siberian husky’s high metabolism needs. One reason, we started Blue Buffalo was our Alpha dog, Mukki, stopped eating the raw and during the running season –he needs to eat. Switching to blue buffalo fixed the problem… 🙂 go figure! After over 40 years of experience with Siberian Huskies, I find myself flexible to their needs and satisfied with their happiness. LOL

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