There’s crumb’s in that thar bag!

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The photo is blurry due to me being sleepy, the sun barely risen and the coffee in my other hand -still undrunken. Is there any greater joy for Quinn than taking possession of an empty bag of kibble? I should have filmed this because it was quite a dance with Mukki and Lulu on the side watching. Mukki and Lulu have no interest in crumbs or aromas, they want a mouthful, anything less and they’ll pass. Tala and Quinn can lick an empty bowl until the last molecule is gone!

Slow, frustrating weekend for beasties since we were still angry. I did discover the destroyed bed culprit. While taking a Benadryl-induced nap, Quinn hoped on my bed and tore off the blanket, started digging and barking! Grrrrr!



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