Get Me Some Cold Inside Water!

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My office opens opposite the kitchen. A few days ago, I heard an odd scraping noise and looked up to see Quinn and Mukki taking turns with their noses pushing the empty water bowl into my office. They then sat and smiled at me, occasionally looking down into the empty bowl. Quinn placed his paw on the bowl and said “aw woo woo awrp”

I was at a place that could not be interrupted. I told them to go outside and drink from the water dish a few feet away through the doggy door. Quinn and Mukki exchanged a look and Quinn said: “Aw Nooooooooo”

So, today as I was cooking I heard the same scraping noise again and looked back to see this repeat from Quinn, so I grabbed my camera and quickly took three shots.

Then I filled the water dish, which apparently tastes wonderful in the kitchen.


Siberians want to know, do you love them?

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