Friggin Crazy Dog Chef!

Mukki savoring pizza

Mukki savors his pizza

Hey, all! I started a recipe section today, check it out! I started with the first dog recipe I ever made, Crazy Dog Pizza!

When we first got Mukki, it was the word he responded to most dramatically! He is so laid back and well-bhaved, I imagine Mukki was once the roommate of a single guy. Maybe he ran away on a hunting trip or just bolted one day and never got home again!

Anyway, he was crazy for pizza and beer! SO, I decided to make a dog pizza once Friday and a regular for us! It was a fun evening Mukki watched patiently and slowly savored every bite, the only drama was when little Miss Piggy tried to steal his!

Here’s a link to the recipe: Friggin Crazy Dog Pizza! -enjoy!


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